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5 Simple Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast

Do you have a muffin top? Do you want a thigh gap? Do you want to get healthy? Are you holding a lot of abdominal weight? Do you wish you could fit into your jeans [...]

5 Ways You Can Declutter Your House Right Now

Do you regularly use everything you own? Probably not. If you're like most people, chances are you've got some stuff you haven't even thought about - let alone used - in years. Having too much [...]

4 Reasons to Keep an Open Mind

It's natural and right to form opinions on issues that crop up in your life. They guide your actions, friendships, lifestyle and more. But take care to keep your views flexible. Rigid opinions can cause [...]

Top Five Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

The word metabolism can be simply defined as all the chemical reactions that take place at the cellular level, which are necessary to sustain any living organism.  The rate of the metabolism regulates the body's [...]

Are Microwave Safe Plastic Containers Even Safe?

If you are worried about toxins from plastic microwave containers, then you should not burn your food in the microwave. Doing so might harm you. A study from Harvard Health explains.... Microwaving food in plastic: [...]